Derbyshire County FA recommends that you insure with Sportsguard, a leading provider of personal accident and sports liability insurance in the UK.

Public Liability (Sports Liability Insurance)

This product is available to you when you affiliate using the Whole Game System.

The Sportsguard Sports Liability Insurance package covers two separate areas of liability cover.

Public Liability;

  • Third Party Injury
  • Third Party Property Damage

Professional Indemnity;

  • Negligence
  • Libel
  • Slander
  • Error
  • Omissions
  • Products
  • Abuse
  • Administering First Aid

To request a copy of the Verification of Insurance for this scheme, please contact Sportsguard.

Personal Accident Insurance

All clubs are required under the rules of affiliation to have suitable personal accident insurance in order to participate within football in the County.

This can be purchased by Sportsguard by clicking HERE. Sportsguard meet all of the County FA’s requirements and their website will display the minimum criteria for affiliation.

For further information about Sportsguard, please visit the Sportsguard website.

Tutorials are available on the Sportsguard website here:

All Open Aged Clubs are required to have both Personal Accident and Sports Liability (including Public Liability) insurance cover in place before they can affiliate using the Whole Game System. It is also recommended and good practice for all Youth Clubs to adopt the same.