Online Discipline Guidance

The functionality for Derbyshire County FA affiliated clubs to process discipline online is now live through the Whole Game System.

If your club doesn't have access to this fantastic new online facility your club secretary will need to confirm that your club is happy to process discipline online using this system. Contact Derbyshire County FA now to gain access on or 01332 361422.

The rest of this section will provide you with all the guidance you should need to start processing your club's discipline online.


Discipline Portal Training

To see the interactive online guide for discipline portal training please click here.

To view and download the PDF version of the guide please click here.


Video Guides


Full guide:

The full guide has also been broken down into specific sections to help you find what you need support with quickly...






Dismissals & Misconduct:





Contact us

If you have any queries or issues with accessing discipline online through the Whole Game System, please contact us at or call us on 01332 361422.