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One of the main barriers coaches face in their on-going development is the cost of coaching courses and training to continually learn and develop. Coaching Derbyshire provides an opportunity to get over this barrier.

Coaching Derbyshire is part of Derbyshire Sport (County Sports Partnership) and provides the opportunity for coaches to apply for bursary funding to support their development as a coach.

If you are 16 years of age or above and are looking to either take your first step onto the FA coaching pathway or move forward on the next step of the pathway, then the Coaching Derbyshire Bursary Fund could be available for you to apply to receive 50% of your course costs.

Applications must be written and submitted before the course you intend to attend starts and can be submitted up to six months beforehand. If successful, Coaching Derbyshire will contact you and will release the bursary upon successful completion of the course and presentation of the certificate awarded for the qualification.

Coaching Derbyshire Bursary Fund also has specific enhanced rounds for bursary funding for those coaches who are working with or are one of the following criteria’s: -

Women’s and Girls
Plus 16
Talented Athletes
Disability and BME

Each of these themed rounds of funding have specific windows of opportunity to apply, which can be found along with the full criteria breakdown and application process at under the Funding Support link.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Young Leaders to gain some financial support to benefit their development of coaching, which in turn will benefit the communities and clubs you work in. It is advised to speak with your club that you coach at prior to submitting an application, as you will be asked to provide a reference for where you coach and so please your club are aware of your intention to apply.

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