Portable Floodlight Demonstrations Light Up Derbyshire!

Derbyshire County FA has recently supported the delivery of two portable floodlight demonstrations with their partners Phoenix Sporting Goods.

The demonstrations were held at Melbourne Sports Park in South Derbyshire and at Wingerworth Junior Sports Association (WJSA) in the North of the County. They were a great opportunity to showcase a product to grassroots football clubs in the County that may help with their team training requirements.

The iLite Metal has several height settings from 3ft to 14.5ft, which makes it a very flexible, efficient and cost effective solution to illuminating sports pitches. The non-toxic and environmentally friendly LED light is designed for greater durability and reliability and provides 3000 lumens of light, whilst the 12v rechargeable battery provides over 3 hours of continuous light when fully charged. Easily transportable and erected in seconds, the iLite Metal is the ideal portable lighting solution with six units required to illuminate a 9v9 youth pitch.

The event at WJSA was delivered with one of their teams training underneath the floodlights and their coach Darren Parkinson had this to say about the product, "Firstly, the initial setup of the lighting rigs looked simple and very quick, I was dubious about the amount of light they would emit; however, this was quickly proven wrong. The 8 units we used easily illuminated our pitch (40 yard x 20 yard) and I am confident we could have gone bigger, my only concern was the goal areas, I feel an extra light at either end was needed, however my Goalkeeper’s did say they had no issues.

"The session was easy to deliver and at no point did I have issues picking up any aspect of the game. The players also fed back similar comments. Looking directly at the lights also caused no issues; they were bright enough but did not dazzle me at all. Another concern I had was the durability and stability of the lighting units, especially as I had felt how light they were. Pegs and sandbags (Phoenix used rice) are provided, the battery also doubled as a weight and the lighting unit itself was extremely sturdy and felt very well put together, the glass cover was thick and also sturdy."

The iLite Metal retails at £400 per unit, however Phoenix Sporting Goods are offering a 25% discount on any purchases of 6 units or more. For further information please contact Lee Crocker or Dean Park on 01635 517560 lee@phoenixsportinggoods.comdean@phoenixsportinggoods.com or you can visit www.phoenixsportinggoods.com