Laws of the Game

Before the start of each season, FIFA releases an updated version of the Laws Of The Game, the laws by which the game must be played.

The original laws have changed only marginally over the years, and the changes that occur before the start of every season now are often so minute that they will mostly go unnoticed at most levels of the game. However, referees are duty bound to apply the laws at all levels of the game, and so must be up to date with the current Laws Of The Game.

Today’s 17 laws continue to be based upon the rules that were first ratified by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) when it was founded in 1886. IFAB, which consists of the four Home Nations (The FA, The Scottish FA, The FA of Wales and the Irish FA – all have 1 vote each) and FIFA (who have 4 votes) meet every year to discuss and vote an any changes to the Laws Of The Game, and any change can only be passed with at least a 75% majority (a 6-2 vote). This means that any new law cannot be passed without the support of FIFA and at least two of the Home Nations.

The links below provide electronic access to the full laws of the game:

Laws of the Game 2017-18

Laws of the Game Changes 2017/18

FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game

FA Small Sided Laws of the Game

FA Laws for Mini Soccer 5v5

FA Laws for Mini Soccer 7v7

If you would like a hard copy of the Laws Of The Game it can be purchased at a cost of £5.00. To purchase a copy, please contact;
T: 01332 361422 (option 2)