Promotion Scheme

Those referees who would like to move up through the levels have to apply via e-mail or letter to the Derbyshire County FA by March 1st each year.

The referees’ marking season runs differently from a conventional football season, in that it runs from 1st March – 28th February every year. Referees must, therefore, apply to the Referee Development Officer in writing or by email no later than 1st March every year should they wish to be considered for promotion to the next level.

There is set criteria that a referee has to achieve in order to be successful in their promotion attempt. The criteria involves refereeing a minimum number of adult games, to receiving satisfactory assessments and passing an exam on The Laws of the Game. Gaining promotion is not easy, and takes a big commitment on the part of the referee.

In the documents section below, you can find the full list of criteria for promotion candidates depending on the referee’s level.

For any further information regarding promotion, please contact:
T: 01332 361422 (option 2)

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