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How to complete league sanctioning
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How to complete league sanctioning
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All leagues and competitions must be sanctioned to their relevant county FA, this is to ensure that a high level of opportunity is being offered for people to take part in Football in a safe and enjoyable environment.

The sanction of a league also ensures that all clubs/teams that take part in that competition are covered by public liability insurance.

To sanction a competition you first need to contact the Derbyshire County Football Association and request the paperwork required to run a competition. Derbyshire County FA can provide;

  • An affiliation form to affiliate the league (to allow you to approach teams to enter the league)
  • Form D (to affiliate participating teams) OR
  • Access to Whole Game System for League Sanctioning

Sanctioning of leagues has now been released onto The Whole Game System and a "how to" video can be viewed at the top of this page.

If you have any questions regarding Sanctioning for leagues please contact info@derbyshirefa.com.

To read more about the process click on the link below.

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