Local RA Chairman celebrating 20 years 'in the middle'

Pete Carter, Chairman of Erewash Valley Referees Society presented with Long and Meritorious Service Award

The highly-regarded Chairman of Erewash Valley Referees Society, Pete Carter, is celebrating an impressive 20 years in the role.


At the society’s end of season awards night on Thursday 20 April, Pete was presented with the prestigious 20 years Long and Meritorious Service award by Chairman of the Derbyshire County Committee, Jeff Wheatley.


He joins only two other EVRS members to have been awarded this honour - the late and great Harry Hardy and Ken Upton. 


Pete has been a member of Erewash Valley since he started officiating in 1989, joined the committee and became Vice Chairman in 1996, then Chairman in 1999 where he still sits today, 24 years later. 


Pete fondly remembers the start of his career and being appointed to his first County Cup Final, where he got some stick from players for a moustache he had at the time!


Looking back, Pete said: “Derbyshire FA have a Junior, Divisional, and Senior Cup for Saturday football and I actually refereed all three finals. I don’t know many others that have been first man on all three, so I must have done something right back in the day to get me where I am now!”


Having reached Levels 3 and 2b with Derbyshire County FA, Pete then became an observer for them in 2012. 


He has a good eye for incidents, is honest, and is very supportive of the referees he is there to see - all the traits required to make a good observer. 


Speaking about Pete’s career, Jeff said: “A whole batch of referees have come through and onto our pitches as a result of this man. Pete is a committed referees man, working tirelessly behind the scenes to better our officials. 


“Not only that, but he is a true gentleman and a loyal servant and supporter of the RA here in Derbyshire. How lucky are we to have such a dedicated and committed chairman, and a strong role model. Congratulations on this fantastic achievement Pete.” 


Pete has always been keen to support county wide initiatives, supporting Derbyshire FA with coordinating fitness tests, something he still does today. 


Pete added: “I am humbled to receive this award. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to follow on from Harry Hardy and Ken Upton, and although I’m not going anywhere just yet, after the 20 years I’ve been chair, it’s almost time to hand over to the younger lads.”


Pete’s now got some words of wisdom for any new referees starting their career. 


He said: “I immediately felt the value of being a member of the Referees Association. The support I’ve had since my first day has been second to none and I’ve made some lifelong friends from it too. 


“On the pitch, Derbyshire FA called myself and my good friends Andy Page and Vaughan Bower the ‘Erewash Mafia.’ We’ve been through a lot to get to where we all are today and I think if you told us as youngsters I’d be receiving an award which is given to recognise only those members who have rendered exceptional service to the RA, I would never have believed you!”


The Long and Meritorious Service Award is usually only given to RA members who have rendered meritorious service over a period of not less than 20 years, as a society officer namely Chair, Secretary and/or Treasurer.


Chesterfield colleagues Jeff Wheatley and Trevor Boulding have also received the award, as well as Stuart Ainley and Dave Redshaw from Derby and District. 


*The presentation of Pete’s award for 20 years Long and Meritorious Service in office as Chairman was delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic*



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