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This section provides you with important information a referee would need; Whole Game System, Kit and Equipment and Misconduct Reporting.

Whole Game System

It is important that referees keep the Derbyshire County FA informed of any changes to their personal contact details so they can be contacted regarding appointments or any queries relating to their games.

All referees can access their own profile through The FA Whole Game System WGS

Passwords can be reset using the following link:  

Further Information is available online to assist with the new online registration process and can be found by visiting:

Here, you can update any changes to your personal details, such as a change of address, change of telephone number, or change of e-mail address. This is very important as this information is the only means that the DCFA can use to contact you by, and could mean you missing out on County Cup appointments, or not finding out about upcoming events that we will be holding. You can also update your availability, leagues and type of football you officiate in.


Closed Dates

All referees (level 1-9) should be closing their dates with the County FA every month. For those of you that are unaware, a closed date is a date you are unavailable because of an already appointed fixture, a birthday, a holiday etc. All closed dates should be sent 4-6 weeks in advance, please specify the date you are closing and the reason why; personal or football reasons. This then helps us know who is available when we are appointing to fixtures and especially our county cups.

Please send all closed dates to:  


Misconduct Reporting

Referees are duty bound by the Laws of the Game and by FA Regulations to provide a report to the appropriate County Football Association whenever they issue red/yellow cards on the field of play, or whenever any player, club official or spectator is guilty of misconduct of any type.

When must reports be submitted?
All reports MUST be submitted within 2 days of the date of the match (not including Sundays), and should be submitted electronically via the Whole Game System, e-mail or in writing by post for those referees who do not have access to e-mail.

Which form should I use?
All cautions issued in any particular match should be reported on one FA Caution Report Form (see Documents section below for template). This form only requires the match details, the players’ name, the club they play for, and the caution code (C1 – C7). A description of the actual offence is not required.

Players who are dismissed and shown the red card during the game need to be reported individually on the FA Standard Misconduct Report Form (see Documents section below for template). This form also needs to be used when a player is guilty of misconduct following the match or after being sent off, and for any misconduct at any time by a club official or spectator. Unlike the caution report form, this form requires a description of the actual incident that occurred so that the County FA can charge the player/club official/spectator appropriately. Attached below is the FA Guide To Misconduct Report Writing which is very useful for referees when they are writing their reports, particularly at the start of their careers.

Where do I send my reports?
Misconduct reports need to be sent to the County FA which the club concerned affiliate to. For all misconduct by players/clubs affiliated to Derbyshire County FA, they should be sent to . If you do not have access to e-mail, the forms need to be posted to the Derbyshire County FA to arrive within 2 working days of the match.

What happens if the club appeal?
Clubs can no longer appeal cautions or sending-offs unless they believe there has been a case of mistaken identity, or if it can be proved that the referee has made a serious or obvious error. Clubs may still appeal charges of misconduct by players following the match or after being sent off, or for any misconduct by a club official or spectator. Should the club appeal, you will be informed by the County FA and asked to attend a personal hearing. The hearing will be heard by a County FA commission, who will ask you any questions that they feel relevant in addition to your report. If you would like some support at the hearing, then we will arrange for somebody to attend with you and they will be able to sit in front of the commission with you, although they won’t be allowed to speak on your behalf.

What if I don’t submit my reports?
Referees who do not submit reports within the time frame set out above can be charged with committing a technical irregularity for failing to file reports, and could have their registration as a referee suspended for a period of time as determined by their Parent County FA.

FA Misconduct Reporting Form
FA Caution Report Form 


Kit & Equipment

It’s important for referees to “look the part” when they are out on the field of play, and a big part of that is having smart and correct kit and equipment.

It can be difficult to win the trust and respect of the players when you are refereeing at the best of times, but if you can look smart and professional, part of the initial battle will be won.

Now included in the Derbyshire County FA Basic Referees Course is assistant referee flags, a whistle and lanyard and a match report pad with red and yellow cards.

We recommend that referees buy their kits from A&H International, who are the official kit suppliers to the Premier League and Football League match officials.  

A&H International: A&H International

How to obtain your referee badge

Derbyshire County FA Badge    £3.50
This can be purchased by calling the DCFA office on 01332 361422 (option 2) or visiting our offices between 9am – 4pm.

FAMOA (3 Lions) Badge           £5.00
This can be purchased by emailing the Referees’ Department at The FA via or by calling 0844 980 0621.

If you require any further information, please contact::
T: 01332 361422 (option 2)

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