Never Played? Currently Playing? Want to Play Again? As a Player, there are many opportunities and initiatives within Derbyshire to play our National Game. Regardless of your age, gender, ability, race, culture or background, Derbyshire County FA have an opportunity for you to get involved.

Football in Derbyshire has many guises now, from the traditional 11 a Side game to the more modern Mini Soccer formats for our new young players , the innovative small sided versions of the game such as Futsal for youth and adults to inclusive football for all of our players with disabilities or specific learning needs. Whichever format of the game you would like play, Derbyshire County FA can support you and offer you a pathway to get involved in regular league football.

In addition to our competitive league football, we offer a number of different opportunities to get involved in football as a player. For our new young players, our FA Skills Team offer the opportunities for 5-11 year olds to develop and hone their skills. There are a range of opportunities for players aged 16+ to get involved with the Just Play initiative across the county for the casual
part time player to engage or re-engage in the game. Derbyshire County FA are also fully behind the development of the small sided format of Futsal and again can offer a wide range of recreational and competitive opportunities for both youth and adults in playing the game.

Derbyshire County FA are committed to offering opportunities for people to participate and become players and this section of the website will offer more insight into all of the programmes listed above, however if you would like more advice feel free to contact a member of the development team.

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