Details of our partnership with Veo.

Veo is the portable and affordable solution that enables teams to film their matches automatically, without the need for a camera operator.

Game and training footage is then uploaded to Veo’s cloud platform where coaches can interact with their players.

Using features such as draw on screen, tactical view and user directed highlights coaches can now develop individual players and teams through online contact time away from the grass.

The AI software also follows the action, automatically clipping goals, kick off, half time and full time. 

Through making the Veo camera and platform available to their Coaches Community at a discounted rate, the Derbyshire FA hope to improve the standard and experience of coaching in the county.

 Are you a  Derbyshire FA club?



Click any of the links below to watch demonstrations of how Veo could work for your club.

Learn about the different views (follow-cam, interactive and panoramic) and other capabilities of Veo video player.

Directed highlights - tool to enhance your analysis and develop the talent.

Learn how to create, manage teams and invite members to your Veo universe in the platform.

If you are interested in purchasing some Veo gear, click here to go to the webshop and use the code '100derbyshire' at checkout for a discounted price!

If you want to register for updates from Veo, click here to submit your details.