Setting up or running a Football Club may seem like a daunting task but the key to success lies in sharing the workload and planning ahead when possible. While you cannot prepare for every eventuality, the support network offered by club members, Derbyshire County FA and The FA nationally can help make sure things go right for your club. This part of the website is dedicated to providing those who help run grassroots football Clubs in Derbyshire with information and support that will assist them in developing their club.

Grassroots football is played by millions of people each weekend to have fun. It’s a great way of keeping fit physically, while spending time with friends. New teams are regularly set up to meet demand.

Before starting up a new team, it is important to ask yourself; are there enough potential players? Are there enough volunteers to run the club?

Firstly, all clubs need to act within the rules of The Football Association. You will need to write a constitution and appoint volunteers to become club officials. All clubs should appoint a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. In addition, all youth teams must have a Club Welfare Officer and those working with children need to have an FA CRB check.
If you are planning to set up a club in Derbyshire you will need to affiliate to Derbyshire County Football Association. Affiliation acts as a quality assurance and a safety net to help protect players, clubs, officials and administrators. We as a County FA will advise you on suitable league or competition membership for your team/s. It is through affiliation that the family of football is brought together and correct standards and discipline are maintained. Affiliation acts as a quality assurance and as a safety net to help protect players, clubs, officials, and administrators throughout the game.

The major benefits through affiliating to Derbyshire County FA include:

  • Being part of the National Game from grassroots upwards
  • Eligibility to participate in Derbyshire County FA competitions
  • Discipline and Fair Play
  • Access to information and advice from:
    • Derbyshire County FA Staff
    • FA Regional Manager
    • FA Regional Facility Manager
    • FA Regional Coaches
  • Access to FA and Derbyshire County FA publications and resources
  • Opportunities to participate in FA Football Development Schemes
  • To host FA Charter Standard In-service Events
  • Member of your local Football Focus Group
  • To host FFG Meetings and In-service sessions
  • Comprehensive FA Football Futures Young Leadership programme for students
  • Potential to liaise with Coach Education Co-ordinator with a view to hosting Coach Education courses
  • Potential to liaise with Referee Development Officer with a view to hosting Referees courses
  • Law Awareness Course for coaches / leaders.
  • Opportunity for Referees Academy sessions
  • Referee Tutors
  • Respect Workshops
  • Citizenship, Community cohesion
  • Best Practice Workshops to Coaches and Students
  • Advice on the Use of Social Media via workshops.

New club checklist:

  • Select club name and colours
  • Appoint club officials
  • Write club constitution and organise Annual General Meeting
  • Affiliate to Derbyshire County Football Association and the league you wish to enter
  • Produce a list of running costs
  • Understand the rules of competitions you wish to enter
  • Familiarise yourself with Safeguarding Children rules if running a team including under-18s or vulnerable adults
  • Obtain adequate insurance
  • Purchase suitable kit and equipment
  • Hire pitches for matches and training Raise fund and set up a club bank account
  • Notify members of fixtures and liaise with opposition

In Derbyshire there are various formats of the game which are available to your club from Mini Soccer to 9v9 and finally 11v11. Mini Soccer and 9v9 provides a platform that supports the development and enjoyment of our very youngest players and then through to the adult game which spans across small-sided football, amateur, semi pro and of course the professional game. Grassroots football in Derbyshire will thrive because of several influencing factors but our clubs and those individuals who are dedicated & committed to help running them are the heartbeat of a successful grassroots game. 

There are currently over 500 affiliated clubs which make up the membership of Derbyshire County FA, each of whom are involved in regular league football. In addition, there are also hundreds of other teams registered at several FA affiliated small sided football centres across the city.

Irrespective of whether you are seeking to set up a club for the first time or would like guidance and assistance in how to develop your club, Derbyshire County FA staff members are on hand to help. We can provide this service via our Football Development Team which is made up of experienced officers that specialise in every aspect of club development support. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to read through the various options located in the drop down menu of this section. If you have any questions and would like to speak to our Football Development team, please contact Derbyshire County FA on 01332 361422

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