Local Football Facilities Plan

Each local authority has it's own plan.


To understand demand and accurately target where investment is most needed, we produced a Local Football Facility Plan for each Local Authority area in England.

We expect that 90% of funding will be used to deliver the priority projects identified in these plans. 

The plans are detailed reports that map out the football facilities needed across every local authority area in England, and over the last two years the Football Foundation have worked with The FA, local authorities and communities to create over 300 of them.

Inclusion in a plan does not guarantee funding; it simply identifies the potential that a project has and the application process provides each projects with the chance to make a compelling case for investment and must demonstrate how it will deliver against Football Foundation outcomes. 

While Local Football Facility Plans prioritise a broad range of projects, initial efforts should be focused upon those local areas with the greatest need, such as communities whose facilities need significant improvement and projects that grow participation for under-represented and lower socio-economic groups.

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Identify priority projects in your area


The purpose of a LFFP is to identify the priority projects for potential investment in your local area. The FA alongside the Premier League and Sport England have created all LFFPs. Click below to enter your postcode and find nearby projects!

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