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Whilst Derbyshire FA promotes clubs obtaining sponsorship's from other businesses, there are regulations that need to be followed. These concern the type of sponsorship such as shirt sponsor, the age of the team that is being sponsored and the size of any sponsor logo on clothing. The FA have regulations in place to prevent inappropriate sponsorship's such as a brewery sponsoring a local youth team. To download more information about sponsorship regulations please click here.

Standard Code of Rules
The Standard Code of Rules (SCOR) are mandatory for all Competitions at Step 7 of the National League System and below, and The FA Women’s Pyramid excluding The FA Women’s Super League.

The Standard Code of Rules for Youth Competitons (SCORY) is mandatory for all Mini Soccer and Youth Football Competitions. Mini Soccer and Youth Football Competitions seeking sanction must draft their Rules in conformity with the code putting them in the correctly numbered Rule and showing the standard heading. The mandatory element is printed in normal text and the optional elements in italics.

SCOR & SCORY from The FA Handbook can be found here
Derbyshire FA recommend that you seek clarification with your competition as to what their competition rules are.

Standardised Rules
These Rules have been compiled by the Sanctions and Registrations Committee of The Football Association for the mandatory use of all sanctioned Competitions at Steps 1 to 6 inclusive of the National League System. It should be noted that where the Rules have been printed in [ ] they are optional and where a gap has been left the appropriate word, figure or amount needs to be inserted. Whilst additions may be allowed to the Standardised Rules these must first be approved by The Football Association.

International Clearance
FIFA Regulations require National Associations to issue an International Registration Transfer Certificate for any player over the age of 12 who is moving from one National Association to another including across UK borders.

For more information about International Clearance please click here.

Playing against foreign opposition

Every year Clubs go on tours across the World, experiencing different cultures and playing against new teams. Prior to going on such a tour a Club should gain permission from the FA to play against foreign opposition.

Download the application form here.

For more information please click here.

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