National League System

Player Registration

Through Whole Game System

Whole game system player registration is mandatory from season 2021/22

Following the national roll-out of the Whole Game System Player Registrations functionality, leagues across the county have adopted this method of registering their players. The leagues that have adopted this are:

  • Alfreton & District Sunday Football League
  • Central Midlands Football League
  • Chesterfield & District Sunday Football League
  • Derby City Football League
  • Derby Junior Football League
  • Derby Taverners Sunday League
  • Derwent Valley Junior League
  • High Peak Junior Football League
  • Hope Valley Amateur Football League
  • Long Eaton Sunday Football League
  • Midlands Regional Alliance
  • North Derbyshire Youth Football League

Benefits of WGS Player Registration

The FA piloted the WGS Player Registration process during the 2016-2017 season featuring 60 leagues from across the country, including one league in Derbyshire. Following feedback from all 60 leagues, The FA decided to conduct a national roll-out for all leagues in the country who could choose to opt in to use the WGS Player Registrations functionality.

This new process for Player Registrations ensures a more efficient way of registering players will help save time for volunteers that run football clubs in the future.

Support Resources

The FA have created some resources to support clubs with the process of registering their players.Step-by-step e-learning resource available here.

  • Step-by-step pdf document available here
  • Support Buttons on every page for Player Registrations on the Whole Game System

We recommend that you go through these resources before commencing your player registrations. We also recommend that you fully understand your league registration requirements to enable a smooth registration process for your club.If you do not fully understand what you need to do for your player registrations after going through these resources, contact either your league registrar or Derbyshire FA.


Some processes that form the player registration functionality will vary depending on your league requirements.

You will only need to complete the "data-cleansing" if your league has added players to Full-Time.

Some leagues have decided that they would still like a paper registration form completing and being sent off with the players signature on. If that is the case, we recommend that you collate all of the completed forms first and only send them off together once you have submitted every online registration to your league.


The players club will need to click on the child's name on the Whole Game System. From there they can click on add parent/guardian and search for them using name/FAN and date of birth. A date of birth is required to ensure the correct person is being added as a parent/guardian.

Each player will need to log in to the Whole Game System using their FAN and password. If a player does not have a password, they will need to create one by clicking forgotten password. The player must be on either a laptop or a desktop computer to do this, not on a mobile phone or a tablet device. Once a player has set up their password and logged in, they will have an icon on the left hand side of their screen which is called "Club Requests". They will need to click on that and then they can give their consent to play for you. You must make sure that the player's correct email is on their FAN by checking their details.

You will need to contact Derbyshire FA as the player will need to have his link checked to ensure he is not a contracted player. Once that has been checked, we will add him to your list of players so you can request consent and then submit his registration to your league. When you contact us, make sure you have the player's name, date of birth and home address to hand as this information may be requested to ensure the correct person is added to your club.

Again you would need to contact Derbyshire FA as we will need to de-duplicate the multiple records into one FAN number. Please make sure you have the players name, date of birth and home address to hand so we can merge the correct records. This process takes roughly 48 hours but we will be able to give you the correct FAN number to use. You can then search for the player again on the Whole Game System using the FAN given to you instead of the players name.

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Thomas Clarke | Football Operations Officer

Phone: 01332 361422

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