United Counties League

National League System Restructure

Steps 5 and 6 in Derbyshire

On Friday 24th January, Derbyshire FA staff Ricky Stevenson (Chief Executive Officer) and Adam Wing (Football Development Officer for Clubs, Leagues and Workforce) met with representatives from the UCL to gain a greater understanding of the changes that will be taking place.

Derbyshire’s Step 7 league, The Central Midlands League, will no longer be part of the National League System and will operate as a Regional NLS Feeder League, as Step 7 is being removed from the System.

As with previous restructuring, The FA has been carrying out mapping exercises in order to provide simulated League tables for the 2020-21 based on the projected standings on completion of the 2019-20 season. The first draft of on the mapping exercises will be presented to Step 5/6 Leagues at a meeting on Sunday 2nd February and is expected to be published in the Non-League Newspaper thereafter.

This of course is subject to change, and the Derbyshire FA will make every effort to keep clubs updated of any changes.

From 2020/21, the following applies for Feeder Leagues and their Clubs:

  • Clubs who wish to be promoted from with a Feeder League will still apply to The FA in the usual manner, although the requirements for promotion are to be reviewed in order to ensure that Clubs are ready for promotion off the field.
  • The Leagues main point of contact will become the County FA as the sanctioning body.
  • For clubs who wish to be moved laterally (provided both Leagues and their Parent County FA’s agrees) then the lateral movement can take place without FA permission.

On the Wednesday 26th February the UCL will be attending the DCFA Leagues meeting, which will give existing leagues the opportunity to meet and start conversations.

Reece Davies, Referee Development Office at the Derbyshire FA, will ensure all information is passed to Derbyshire referees and the changes explained in full - he will also be hosting an information evening in the near future.

The Derbyshire FA are looking forward to working through the transition alongside the UCL and neighbouring counties.

Ricky Stevenson said: “Change is good for the game and after meeting with the UCL I’m confident we can build a strong relationship and rapport whilst supporting our clubs and existing leagues with the transition.

“The change is certainly a positive one and can be the start of an exciting journey for the entire National League System.”

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, or want to find out more, contact Adam Wing at adam.wing@derbyshirefa.com, or call 01332 362422.