The FA National Youth Council 2018-19

YLMT Member Selected for National Youth Council

Emily Foss
Derbyshire FA YLMT member, Roya Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy, will be an Engagement Officer for the North.

The Young Leader Management Team was formed several years ago to give young people in football an opportunity to take part in the game. This season one member has taken the next step.

Management teams or youth councils of County FA’s are in place to aid the county in giving a variety of opportunities for young people to get involved within football. Derbyshire FA's YLMT has put on numerous events such as Football Futures Camps, hubs for female coaches and Wildcat events.

The National Youth Council overseas all youth forums and was setup with a vision to empower, inspire and act as a voice for young people who want to influence change. Being a part of the National Youth Council allows an individual to make positive changes within the game and create a lasting legacy. 

Roya Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy has been an active member of the YLMT for a few seasons. Three years ago, Roya attended the FA Football Futures camp which is organised and ran by the NYC itself and was chosen to represent Derbyshire FA. It was a week filled with activities which not only challenged coaches and referees but also individuals in developing themselves.

The year after another camp was ran however the concept slightly altered. The FA Football Futures camp was changed to the FA Leadership Academy. An academy in which individuals were again selected from their county but aimed to challenge them as a person, in what their own leadership philosophy was. By being a part of the YLMT and attending these camps, Roya got to learn the role the NYC plays in football.

This season Roya applied to be a part of the National Youth Council and was successfully accepted, taking on the role of Engagement Officer for the North. This achievement is thoroughly deserved due to the hard work and commitment Roya has put in over previous years, not only regarding the YLMT, but coaching multiple times a week, playing sport herself and her academic studies.

Roya has spoken about her news, “Being selected to be a part of the FA NYC is an amazing opportunity to make some extreme positive self-development and on the wider community, including back in Derbyshire. I am really looking forward to being able to support the YLMT from a national position, to allow the team to grow and develop football for young people in Derbyshire.”

Roya is a young individual only starting out in her career in football, but with a great attitude and positive mind-set at such a young age, she is destined to go far. 

This success highlights the opportunities that can arise from volunteering in football and how hard work and commitment to helping others can be rewarded.

Being a member of the YLMT has also helped her to develop the skills and knowledge needed to progress further in her footballing career. The YLMT could not be happier for Roya’s new appointment and they wish her every success in her NYC role and look forward to working alongside her in the new season.

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