DCFA Announcement

Affiliation window for 2019/20 is now open!

Clubs can now affiliate for the 2019/20 season online.

To start your affiliation go to https://wholegame.thefa.com/Account/Login and use your FAN and password to login.

If you have forgotten your FAN and/or password go to https://www.thefa.com/account/RequestPasswordReset.

Once in The FA Whole Game System (WGS) your club section tabs will appear across the top of the screen, please select the club section you wish to affiliate, and on the menu list down the left side of the screen you will see a folder near the bottom for ‘affiliation 2019/20’, select that and the process will begin. 

In the top right of the screen you will see a ‘how to guide’ which is interactive and take you through all the processes you will be required to complete.

Please note that when entering stage 1 of your new affiliation in The FA WGS it may take a few minutes for your form to generate as it will be loading the most up-to-date data, the more teams in the club section the longer the download will take.



It is a mandatory requirement for a club to have in place a Public Liability policy and each team to have a Personal Accident policy that meets the minimum specification set by Derbyshire FA, before affiliation will be approved.

In a change to recent years both Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance are available to purchase through the Affiliation process online.  Please see the separate insurance information document & ensure that you select the most relevant cover that suits the needs of your members.

Please note you do have freedom of choice to arrange insurance through an alternative insurance provider, however, you must ensure that the cover provided through the policy you select meets the minimum requirements of Derbyshire FA. 

If you choose an alternative provider you MUST send a copy of your policy document through to us, so that we can verify that it meets the minimum requirements.

Obviously if you choose to select the policies offered through the affiliation process you will have immediate piece of mind knowing that the policies are designed to meet the minimum requirements of Derbyshire FA.

Follow the links below to find out more about the different types of insurance we offer.

Other information:

For clubs with youth teams (Under 18’s teams and below) please note The FA policy for 2019/20:

All team officials identified as volunteering with a team (Manager, Coach, Assistant Manager, Assistant Coach, Goalkeeping Coach and First Aider) are required to have an FA accepted, DBS within three years of issue date at the point of affiliation.

The Club Committee, Secretary, Chairperson, Club Welfare Officer and Treasurer  as well as Assistant Secretary, Vice Chairman, Assistant Welfare Officer will all be required to complete the online ‘Safeguarding for Committee members’ course If you already have this qualification you do not need to redo it, the qualification date will be on your FAN.

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