New structure announced at the DCFA

New structure announced at the DCFA

Following recent changes around the Derbyshire FA’s staff team, we are pleased to announce our new structure going into the 2019/20 season.

After a successful interview and application, Ryan Haynes is moving into a new position as Football Operations Manager, leaving a vacancy in his previous role of Referee Development Officer, which will be advertised for in the coming days.

Following his appointment, Ryan said: “I have really enjoyed my time as the RDO and have been privileged to work with a huge amount of dedicated referees and volunteers across Derbyshire.

I’m looking forward to starting the new role and I believe we have everything in place at the Derbyshire FA to continue making steps to progress and improve the game.”

The changes have seen smaller tweaks elsewhere in the specific definitions of other roles, and of course there have been some departures which have previously been commented on.

Derbyshire FA Chief Executive, Ricky Stevenson, said: “The changes have been made to align our staff team with demands of the current picture of football across Derbyshire; the team are looking forward to the start of the new season”.

The new structure fully takes place on July 1st, the same day as the start of the new season, and the Derbyshire FA is excited to see what the future holds.

Please see below the new structure.