Danny Davidson

Coach In The Spotlight - Danny Davidson

Our latest 'Coach in the Spotlight' is Danny Davidson, first-team coach at Coalville Town.

"My early football ‘role model’ was John Barnes.

"His emergence as one of the best black footballers to play top level English football coincided with me getting involved in football as a junior.

"Barnes was inspirational as he became a legend at Liverpool F.C. (the best British team of that era).

"He also went some way to breaking down barriers, shrugging off racial abuse from the terraces at a time when racism in football was commonplace.

"Barnes style was skillful and exciting, giving young players a desire to want to replicate him.

"For me the natural progression after playing was to get involved in coaching, passing on some of the lessons I’d learned during my own football career.

danny davidson playing

 "My advice to anyone wanting to get involved in coaching would be to put yourself out there... immerse yourself in football by watching games, training sessions, interviews and to never stop learning.

"There are many grassroots clubs and plenty of opportunities to get involved, so make enquiries, as clubs are always looking for volunteers.

"Black History Month is very important as it is a celebration of black achievement/events that have had an impact on society.

"Whether it be music, sport, film, politics, education, medicine, we need positive role models to inspire the upcoming generation."