secure check in

Derbyshire FA partner with Secure Check-In to help clubs test and trace

The Derbyshire FA have partnered with Secure Check-In to help their clubs meet the NHS’ test and trace guidelines.

Secure Check-In use simple smartphone software to allow clubs and venues to collect and store data without any contact.

It is designed to help organisations that are not prepared to collect data on a large scale, by collecting names and contact details which are stored for 21 days.

Guests at clubs and venues can be encouraged to check in by scanning QR-codes on their phones without the need for a bespoke app.

Ryan Haynes, Football Operations Manager at the Derbyshire FA, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Secure Check-In because we really feel like our clubs can benefit from their services.

“With everything that’s been going on in the world and the restart of football on the horizon, we know our clubs already have so much on their plates and most of the work is being done in the spare time of volunteers.

“Manually collecting the data which is required to successfully test and trace could so easily result in data being lost, or could result in GDPR issues which may lead to heavy fines.

“Secure Check-In doesn’t just remove these potential problems, but it could save so many people so much time, make the return to football that little bit smoother and help keep people safe.”

Secure Check-In have also set up a lifetime discount of 50% off for Derbyshire FA clubs, making the monthly fee just £20 per month per club, or £200 per year per club.

Simply enter the code ‘DERBYSHIREFA’ before checkout and the discount will be applied.

They are also prepared to arrange virtual meetings with any interested clubs/venues, to walk them through how to use the platform and provide an opportunity for a Q&A.

For more information visit their website here.