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New Derbyshire FA strategy vows to 'Change Lives Through Football'

The Derbyshire FA have released their new business strategy for the next three years with a vision to ‘change lives through football’.

The Derbyshire FA have released their new business strategy for the next three years with a vision to ‘change lives through football’.

The strategy follows a county-wide consultation with the communities involved in grassroots football in Derbyshire and promises to deliver on what participants most want and need.

After the enormous success of the England men’s team at Euro 2020 this summer, interest in getting involved in grassroots football is starting to spike, and the new strategy aims to inspire people across Derbyshire to get involved in the game.

The strategy is led by the business’ new vision statement: ‘Changing Lives Through Football’ and outlines how the DCFA will achieve their mission of ‘leading and supporting the football community across Derbyshire, providing a safe and inclusive environment’.

In the strategy, seven headlines objectives are laid out, which provide specific, measurable goals to ensure football continues to grow and thrive in Derbyshire.

The seven key objectives, in no particular order, are:

  • Participation: Retaining and growing opportunities across all formats of the game.
  • Business: Developing the business to ensure it effectively governs football.
  • Technology: Helping clubs to streamline administration.
  • Facilities: Consistently providing access to good facilities.
  • Workforce: Supporting everyone in the football community.
  • Club and League Network: Providing support and guidance to active clubs and leagues.
  • Better Playing Environments: Ensuring the football community is representative of the county.

Ricky Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer at the Derbyshire FA said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to finally announce our new strategy for the next three years.

“During the process of creating and planning this strategy, we have had input from everyone in our football community to ensure it caters for all.

“Our board, staff, clubs, leagues, and participants have all had the opportunity to contribute to this all-encompassing plan, which is just part of the reason we are so excited to be able to share it.

“It is however important to note that the hard work starts now. Now it is up to us to make sure we deliver on this strategy, and all of us at the Derbyshire FA can’t wait to get started.”

The strategy can be viewed in full by clicking here, where you can read in detail about finance, equality, performance against key performance indicators, and much more.