snap sponsorship

New partners 'SNAP' to help clubs find new sponsors

Derbyshire FA’s new partnership with SNAP will help clubs attract new sponsorship opportunities through simple online platform.

Clubs can now make use of the new partnership at a discounted price and get full access to their sponsorship portal with all its tools and knowledge base.

SNAP is an online sponsorship education, management and social sharing tool designed with the ultimate goal of helping all grassroots sports clubs to sponsorship success.

One club secured 13 sponsors in one week during the first lockdown, you can read more here.

SNAP recently carried out a survey (that you'll see in the press soon) showing that three quarters of grassroots sports clubs in the UK are worried about their future due to COVID-19's effects on the economy, sport and supporters.

To help your club bounce back after the pandemic, we are running a webinar with SNAP on the 22nd of March to give you some sponsorship best practices, easy wins and of course educate you about SNAP and their platform.

Sign up for that webinar here.

The portal costs just £8.25 per month using our discount code, you can cancel your membership at any time, and SNAP keep 0% commission, meaning your club will keep every penny of your sponsorship income.

To get started, sign up here and use the code ‘DerbyshireCFA’ for the discounted price.