Equality Audit

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

The Equality Standard: A Framework for Sport (the Standard) was launched by the UK sports councils in November 2004 to help address the inequalities that exist within the sports sector. It is a framework to guide sports organisations, including governing bodies of sport, county sports partnerships (CSPs), sports councils and national sports organisations towards achieving equality. 
The Standard assists organisations to develop structures and processes, assesses performance and ensures continuous improvement in equality. 

Applying the Standard will enable Derbyshire County FA to: 



  •  Build on existing good practice in equality. 
  • Assess and review the current equality policy. 
  • Assess and review equality performance and achievements. 

Last season Derbyshire County FA achieved the Foundation level demonstrating we are committed to equality. 

Derbyshire County FA are now working towards the Preliminary level, to achieve we need to demonstrate that:

The organisation is clear about what it needs to do to achieve equality, it understands the issues and barriers faced by under-represented groups in sport and has a robust equality action plan which all staff, volunteers and key stakeholders understand

One of the requirements of the Standard is for Derbyshire County FA to conduct an up-to-date audit of staff, board, council and all volunteers, to demonstrate the awareness of its current profile and position in terms of equality, relating to the following ‘Protected Characteristics’ outlined within the Equality Act 2010: - 


  •  Age, 
  • Disability, 
  •  Gender Reassignment, 
  •  Marriage and Civil Partnership, 
  •  Pregnancy and Maternity, 
  •  Race, 
  •  Religion/Belief, 
  •  Sex, 
  • Sexual Orientation. 

We would request that you circulate to all your members over the age of 18 years and request that they complete it by 9am on Monday 16th May 2022 via the following link.

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