Derbyshire County Council Let's Chat

Let's Chat - Derbyshire Mental Health Campaign

Derbyshire County Council launches mental health campaign encouraging conversation, 'Let's Chat'.

On the 4th of July, Derbyshire County Council will be launching 'Let's Chat Derbyshire', a campaign to encourage conversation, encourage people to get out and to provide information and support to the Derbyshire community when it comes to Mental Health Support and isolation.

There will be over 700 Let's Chat benches appearing across Derbyshire in parks, town centres and community venues. Loneliness and isolation is a growing issue and these benches aim to help people reconnect, strike up a conversation and feel part of a community. They are a safe place to meet, connect and chat.

Each bench has a QR code with mental health support information, as well as ideas about how to start a conversation around mental wellbeing.