Referee Registration 2022-23

Struggling to register for the new season? Read these helpful tips.

To register for the season please click here – Remember you will need to register for the season if you intend on being active within refereeing this season


We have been made aware of a couple of issues so please see the below to assist with referee registration:


  • My parent/guardian needs to give consent for me to register – To give consent, your parent/guardian will need to log into and click on the linked child and scroll down to the referee registration section where there is box which can be ticked to give consent. Once this has been done, the referee can then go and register for the season
  • The ‘Proceed’ button is greyed out on the registration pageThis is a known issue at the moment, please try any of the following, clear cookies/cache on your internet browser and try again, try using a different internet browser or if using a laptop instead try using your phone (or vice versa)
  • I need to renew my Safeguarding and/or DBSIf your Safeguarding has expired, please head to The Boot Room (link below) to renew If your DBS needs renewing, please contact our Referee Development Officer Reece Davies and he will send the renewal details across.