England kid

Our World Cup Poetry Winner!

Theo, aged 9, wins the competition!

Last month, we announced a World Cup Poetry Competition, encouraging young people from Derbyshire to send in inspirational poems about the England National Team ahead of this year’s FIFA World Cup.


We received a staggering amount of fantastic entries from a variety of football clubs and schools across the county, but our panel ultimately decided on a winner!


Theo, aged 9, is our winner with the poem below.

Three lions on your chest, England are the best!

England will attack with skill, to leave defenders standing still.

Midfield passing and creating chances, the fans go wild with their dances.

Defenders will track back, to stop the opposition’s attack.

It’s time for Pickford to be brave, and to make a fantastic save.

Lots of goals from Harry Kane, sending the crowd a little insane.

The fans are waiting for Maguire to set the game on fire!

 Gareth Southgate with his formation will get a win for the nation.

Time to put on a great show… “Come on England! Here we go!”

A brilliant entry and a very deserved winner. As a result of winning the competition, Theo wins a free England shirt!

Also, huge shout out to our runner-up, Sawyer, who’s entry came close!

Thank you to all those who submitted entries. Now let’s hope The Three Lions can bring the trophy home…

FYI… expect something similar next Summer when the Women’s World Cup comes around!