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REFSIX announces partnership with Derbyshire FA

An exciting app that gives referees access to in-depth and informative data




Derbyshire FA are pleased to announce their official partnership with REFSIX. We’re helping referees in the area develop and improve using the REFSIX platform. Our aim is to aid recruitment and retention in Derbyshire.  

REFSIX is an app that helps referees develop themselves by giving them access to data that would otherwise only be available to elite referees. Through activity tracking, referees can see how many games they’ve completed, the cards they’ve given and the meters they’ve run. It’s free to download and can be used on any device. 

For referees in the Derbyshire area, keep an eye out throughout the year for more news about this exciting partnership. We’ll be sharing offers and content that will help you find that extra 1%. 

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