Fran Mickleover

Mickleover FC's Fran Fuller to take on the Tottenham Hotspur Skywalk

Raising awareness for mental health in youth football


Mickleover FC Reserves club secretary Fran Fuller will face her owns fears an apprehension on February 17th when she takes to the Tottenham Hotspur Skywalk.

“I am doing this to raise awareness for young sports people, mainly with mental health in football. We are all aware of issues across all sports, but the passing of our own young goalkeeper Fin Bowen has brought it even more to my attention,” she explained.

“The FA and PFA already do a lot, but I have decided to challenge my own emotions and fears, do the Skywalk and the drop into the stadium from 46.8 metres above the pitch,” she added.

Fran will be accompanied by a couple of friends and plans to wear one of the Fin Bowen Tribute T Shirts for her challenge.

“I had known about this opportunity for a while, but it’s my 60th year and I wanted to mark it with 60 new things, combining awareness and challenges. I have a fear of heights and no one has influenced me to do this or not, it’s purely my decision,” she said.

She is quick to point out that it is not for charity, it’s for awareness. “I wanted to feel I contributed, the Mickleover FC lads are already raising funds for a mini bus. So setting myself this challenge is an achievement for me, as well raising awareness to the mental health problems that some of our young sports people have, and so often can go undetected.

A link to Mickleover's minibus fundraiser can be found here.