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Derbyshire FA take part in Future of Youth Football Study

A historic study that could shape the future of youth football

Derbyshire FA are delighted to announce we are taking part in the Future of Youth Football Study.

We are one of only three organisations piloting the study, along with St. George’s Park and Hampshire FA

Two of our youth leagues, Derbyshire Girls & Ladies League and Derby Junior Football League are participating in the pilot with full support from Derbyshire Football Association, and partnering with The Football Association, Liverpool John Moores University & South Bailey Development Ltd., in what is labelled by The FA as the world’s largest research project into children’s football.


Derbyshire FA are proud to be part of this historic study, and one that could potentially shape the future of youth football – something we are incredibly passionate about.


The question that this study aims to answer is: What are the most engaging football game formats for boys and girls U6 – 13 participating in mainstream football?


Throughout February and March,  U13 boys and girls from across the country will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of game formats, where the pitch dimensions and numbers of players are varied.


Each match will be recorded using video cameras to allow the match play data to be analysed at a future date. The study will be looking at how these different match formats affect players’ physical activity levels and the technical actions they execute, such as passing, shooting and interceptions during the match.

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