Moving from Spreadsheets to Booking Systems

How to level up your game this season - Join our Pitchbooking webinar

Join the Pitchbooking Webinar to improve your facilities management, online bookings & events.

Pitchbooking is a trusted and user-friendly scheduling and payments system for sports facilities & event management. Their online software helps facility owners across the UK, Ireland and US save admin time, increase revenue, and provide a smooth booking process for their customers. From instant payment processing through to customer communication, they provide bespoke and easily configurable booking software that can be applied to any type of space, facility or event.

Key Features:

  • Set Availability - Block out time for internal use such as training sessions or meetings
  • Priority Booking - Make trusted local teams & community partners your priority by giving them exclusive access to any slot on your calendar
  • Block Bookings - Streamline block bookings with Pitchbooking Subscriptions - a simple one time setup to efficiently manage recurring bookings
  • Secure Payment - Users pay upfront through online checkout or pay via invoice using secure payment links
  • Host Events - List referee courses, coaching sessions, kids camps & much more with Pitchbooking Events. Collect attendee registration details & payment online


Agreed date at time for webinar - Thursday 9th March 1pm - 1:30pm

A live demo of Pitchbooking software covering facilities management, online bookings & events.


During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you should strongly consider the move to online booking
  • What details you will need to make the move
  • Considerations to be aware of before going live
  • How to get the word out about your new process
  • Accessing support once you are up and running



Date: Thursday 9th March

Time: 1pm – 1.30PM