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Derby Racecourse Hub leads collaborative community engagement

Derby Racecourse proudly announces the opening of its £11.9 million state-of-the-art facility

Derby Racecourse proudly announces the opening of its £11.9 million state-of-the-art facility, marking a significant milestone in the enhancement of community sports infrastructure in Derby. Managed by Leisure United on behalf of Derby City Council (DCC), the hub extends a warm invitation to the community to join in the activities.

The team on-site has been working with the council and partners to develop a dynamic community-led program that caters to the diverse needs of Derby's residents. This collaborative effort ensures that the hub provides activity and engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within the community.

Derby Racecourse Hub is proud to announce the completion of the project on time and within budget. This successful delivery demonstrates the dedication of all involved parties to providing high-quality sports facilities for the community, without exceeding financial constraints.

Leisure United, a trusted operator with a proven track record in managing recreational facilities, has been appointed to manage the building on behalf of DCC. Their expertise ensures that the hub will be managed to the highest standards, guaranteeing an optimal experience for all visitors.

Derby Racecourse Hub has welcomed back the Football Leagues, who are already enjoying the new facilities. With the development aimed at providing high-quality, sustainable facilities for year-round pitch use, the hub is committed to ensuring a lasting future for grassroots football in Derby.

This state-of-the-art facility offers three new full-size 3G football turf pitches (FTPs), along with the refurbishment of the existing FTP. Additionally, the community building features a community café, additional meeting spaces, increased parking, and improved entry and exit points, enhancing the overall experience for visitors. The Racecourse Park has also undergone significant improvements, including the addition of a play area, basketball court, and outdoor gym.

Jointly funded by Derby City Council and the Premier League, The FA, and the Government's Football Foundation, this project is an excellent example of collaborative working to improve community sports infrastructure, reflecting a shared commitment to fostering active and healthy lifestyles within the Derby community.


Councillor Hardyal Dhindsa, Derby City Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Streetpride, said:
“Derby Racecourse Hub stands as a testament to collaborative efforts between Derby City Council, key football bodies, and local leagues, showcasing a shared commitment to improving community sports infrastructure. Featuring amenities like the community café, meeting spaces, and Changing Places Toilet, along with enhanced community spaces at the Hub, we're creating gathering points for residents of all backgrounds. These improvements, alongside our commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable facilities for year-round use, ensure a lasting future for grassroots football and community activities, demonstrating our dedication to long-term community development."

A spokesperson from Derbyshire Girls and Ladies League, said:
“The Derbyshire Girls & Ladies League is proud to be a small part along with the Derby Junior Football League of the new Racecourse Hub project. Once the facility opens there will be 15 uninterrupted weeks of football remaining this season for thousands of girls & boys and we would like to pay tribute to everyone at Derby City Council, Derbyshire FA, the Football Foundation & all the contractors who have worked tirelessly to ensure that both leagues have been able to play from September whilst the building works were continuing right up to the handover of the new facility which is a fantastic achievement. The facility is fantastic and will enable the girls league to provide uninterrupted football every weekend from now on.”

Ricky Stevenson, Derbyshire FA’s Chief Executive Officer, said:
"We are thrilled to see the completion of the Derby Racecourse Hub. The collective determination from all parties has ensured a smooth process from start to finish, and now we look forward to witnessing the impact that this state-of-the-art facility will have on the grassroots football community in Derbyshire for years to come.”