How Hiring - HR & People Director

An opportunity to join Derbyshire FA's board of directors

Derbyshire County FA are inviting applications to join the Board of Directors as a Non-Executive Human Resources & People Director.


We are looking for individuals with skills and experience in HR & People development who have a passion for developing grassroots football in Derbyshire. The successful candidate for this role will be instrumental in helping the County continue to be a great employer.


Volunteering as a Board Director

This is a volunteer role in which you will be expected to attend bi-monthly Board meetings and to collaborate with Board Directors and other stakeholders in the strategic development of the organisation.


Derbyshire County FA Board

The Board of the Association is the ultimate decision-making body and accordingly exercise all of the powers of the Association. The Board is responsible for setting the strategy of the Association and maintaining and demonstrating a clear division between the Board’s management and oversight role and the chief executive officer.


Role Purpose

The role will be the strategic lead for Human Resources and people activity within the Association, creating and implementing a People Plan to cover wellbeing and safety to support the Association in its wider people development practices.

To support the Associations Senior Management Team in embedding culture, diversity, and inclusion throughout the Association.

The role is accountable to the Board of Directors through the Chair.


  • To Chair the People Development & Remuneration Committee of the association (meets at least twice per annum)
  • To serve as a Director of the Association and to actively participate in its strategic management.
  • To execute the responsibilities of Company Directors in accordance with the Companies Act (2006) and other relevant legislation.
  • To safeguard the interests of the Membership and stakeholders of the Association.
  • To fully participate in Board induction, training or development and performance monitoring.
  • To review and recommend current and future strategic resourcing, training and development and annual budgets and plans to the Board
  • To actively contribute to policy setting, strategic direction, goal and target setting, and evaluate performance against targets, budgets and plans.
  • To ensure that HR activities and interventions are linked to the company’s objectives and complement the company culture.
  • To ensure the Board monitors and reviews the performance of the company’s Chief Executive, rewards performance accordingly and identifies appropriate development opportunities.
  • To ensure highest standards of governance in policies and practice related to employee relations, recruitment, retention, reward and recognition as well as staff and board development.
  • Assess risks and measure the impact of HR interventions in the light of changing legal requirements and best practice.
  • Implement company policies and practices in the context of furthering objectives and evaluating how they impact beneficiaries and staff.
  • Ensure long-term strategic oversight of the organisation’s personnel and staffing requirements in relation to the overarching goals.
  • To establish clear objectives to deliver the agreed strategy and business plan and regularly review performance against those objectives.
  • To ensure the effective implementation of Board decisions by the CEO and staff, holding the CEO to account for the effective management and delivery of the Association’s strategic aims and objectives.
  • To oversee the management of risk to the Association, including matters of Welfare and Safety.
  • To develop and maintain an effective corporate governance structure.
  • To promote equality of opportunity throughout the Association.
  • Always acting in line with the Code of Conduct agreed by the Board.
  • To perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.


We are welcoming and encouraging people from all backgrounds to put their names forward to be considered for this position. If you would like to be considered for the role of Non-Executive Human Resources & People Director, please complete the online application form as detailed in the application pack.

Applications close at 5pm on Sunday 14th April 2024. Interviews are expected to take place w/c 22nd April.