FA  Mini Soccer Referees Course

The FA Mini Soccer Referees Course

Course Overview

Minimum Age: 14

Course Duration: Minimum of nine guided learning hours.

Price: £140

Leading To: The FA Referee Course

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Start your refereeing career

The FA Mini Soccer Referee Course is designed for anyone aged 14 and up who wants to join the tens of thousands of referees who operate week in week out on local parks, throughout the English football pyramid, up to those who officiate The FA Cup Final and on the International stage. As a referee you play an integral role in ensuring all participants enjoy their match day experience, helping create a competitive, fair, safe and enjoyable playing environment.

The FA Mini Soccer Referee Course starts your refereeing career off in youth football, allowing you to gain valuable experience with younger players. After a period as a mini soccer referee, you do have the option to convert to an 11v11 referee by taking the shorter Mini Soccer Referee Conversion Course should you wish to, or to stay within Mini Soccer.

No matter what your ambitions are within refereeing, The FA Mini Soccer Referee Course can be the starting point for your refereeing career, which could take you to the local parks, to grounds up and down the country, or even as far as the international stage. Refereeing is not only rewarding in a football environment, but the social and life skills that come from becoming a referee extend far beyond your initial expectations.








These seven core values underpin all aspects of English refereeing and are all required from the start of your refereeing journey.

Once you have qualified as a referee, there is extensive support available through both your County FA and The FA, helping you to be the best you can be and fulfill your potential as a referee.

Basic outline of the Laws of the Game to provide an initial understanding, as well as the expectations and commitment of the course. Introduction to the DNA of English Refereeing and the process of completing the course.

A mixture of practical and theoretical referee training, focusing on the key skills and techniques required to be a mini soccer referee. This is then coupled with the practical application of law and the different scenarios that can be faced in a game. Some of the topics covered are; Signals & Communication, Fouls & Misconduct and Positioning & Movement.

Upon completion of Block 4, a practical Evaluation of Performance and Assessment Of Knowledge is completed to ensure you are ready for Block 5.

Before starting Block 5, a Safeguarding Children Workshop and Criminal Records Check (if applicable) must be completed.

Officiating five Mini Soccer games, where you are offered a referee mentor to support you on your first few games, with a self evaluation of each game.

Call back session where there is the opportunity to share experiences on the five games refereed, what has worked well and what you might do differently in the future. A final Laws of the Game Examination and information on what happens now and what opportunities are available i.e. Conversion Course, Academies, Development Groups, In-Service Training etc.


Course Pre-requisites

Before starting Block 5, a Safeguarding Children Workshop and Criminal Records Check (if applicable) must be completed.


The FA Mini Soccer Referee Course provides participants with an insight to the laws of the game and their practical application on the field of play. Focusing on empathizing with mini soccer and the expectations of the game, it also looks at the skills required to be a referee. Candidates should feel comfortable to referee a game of football at the completion of the course, with 75% of the course being in a practical environment.

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