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Growing your club

Football is played for fun by millions across England every week and is reliant on volunteers to deal with club administration.

It may be a daunting thought to think about methods to expand and grow your club, but there is lots of help available.

Derbyshire FA are delighted to be able to bring you a few hints and tips which will hopefully will give you some useful guidance when looking to attract new players, volunteers and investment to your club.

Hint's & tip's

Fundraising can be done in a number of ways. 

If you want to involve your whole club with fundraising tasks, ideas such as bag packing in your local supermarket or doing a car wash could be perfect for you. By approaching supermarkets asking if you can do some bag packing, you are building a professional relationship with them and may allow for further fundraising events or even a sponsorship.

When it comes to fundraising you must think about what is suitable for your club. If you only have a young team it may be the parents that you need to involve more than the children.

You could also look at online fundraising sites. One example is some websites which allow people can do some online shopping and you would be given some money based on how much people spend. This be a good approach for clubs when it is not possible to go out and about to try and raise some money.


Some useful links for Fundraising are listed below.

Early each year the window for the Football Foundation's Grow The Game opens. 

Grow The Game is some funding which is aimed at creating new teams. The funding mainly focuses on creating teams in areas that are subject to a lack of participation. In 2017, the priority areas was the female game, male teams from U14 up to adult and disability teams.

Some useful links are below.

For more information about grants and funding please click here.

It is important that when you are trying to grow your club that you remain organised. This includes keeping on top of a coaches qualifications and the expiry dates of them as well as making sure every team has a place to train, a pitch to play matches on and a coach to train them.

You should also look to have regular meetings with people within the club, especially the coaches for each team.You should look to share information such as the club accounts with all members at an Annual General meeting.

For FA Charter Standard Clubs, it is important to monitor the clubs coaches to make sure the club passes its annual FA Charter Standard Health Check.

Sponsorship is a great place to start when trying to raise finance for your club. It will also allow your club to form partnerships within the local community.

For more information about sponsorship and the regulations concerning it please click here.

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