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DCFA Young Leader Management Team

Young volunteers can really help a club grow with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. However young volunteers don't just have to stop at volunteering for their club, they can also look at joining our Young Leader Management Team (YLMT).

The YLMT will occasionally open a window for young volunteers, aged 16-24, to apply to join the team. This would then lead into a selection process to make sure each young volunteer complements the YLMT and is an effective member. YLMT members represent Derbyshire County FA at a number of county events and programmes as well as leading their own team projects.

Young volunteers can be rewarded just like their senior counterparts. The FA Community Awards feature an award for the Young Volunteer of the Year. County winners will be entered into the regional award. If they win the regional award they then get entered into the national award for Young Volunteer of the Year with the other regional winners.

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Lauren Mellor | Football Development Officer (Female Pathway)

Phone: 01332 361 422

9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Email: lauren.mellor@derbyshirefa.com

young Volunteers FAQS

From the age of 14, a young person could look to obtain their FA refereeing qualification and from the age of 16 they would be eligible to apply for an FA Level 1 in Coaching.

Volunteers could begin their journey at any age as long as they are supported and mentored within a good club environment.

There are a number of roles a young person could take on within a club. Find out what interests the young person and then develop a role which suits their interests. For example, if a young person is computer literate and social media savvy, could they help co-ordinate a club website and Facebook/Twitter accounts under supervision.

A young person could look to volunteer their time within their school, school sports partnership or local club. All volunteering opportunities should have a responsible adult to oversee the opportunity and ensure the young person is supervised and not put at risk in any situation.

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